MM Apparel Relief Bridle 2.0

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MM Apparel Relief Bridle 2.0

We are excited to announce that our Relief Bridles 2.0 are now available.

Our MM Apparel Relief Bridle have had a make over. They are still made from their signature soft high quality leather that is durable and flexible with Stainless Steel buckles. And are still designed from the shape of the skull and mussels… in order to avoid pressure on the six areas which consistently cause discomfort with traditional head wear. To find out more about these pressure points visit our blog page. But now we have upgraded in order to improve.

1. The Head Piece - We have changed our head piece by providing more clearance around the back of your horses ears.

2. The Browband - We have given our new browband a drop -U shape following the natural shape of the horses forehead this makes sure that the browband does not pull the head piece forward onto your horses ears. Plus adds a bit more style to your bridle.

3. The Throat Latch - We have added extra padding behind the throat latch buckle purely for the comfort of your horse.

4. Style - We have also added some extra padding for detail on the browband and noseband

Material: Buffalo Harness Leather & Stainless Steel Buckles
Leathers Colour: Black, Chocolate Brown